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Alanna Waters: Lacrosse Coach and Volunteer

Training-for-SportsFor Alanna Waters, lacrosse is a passion. She was a skilled player who has gone on to become a coach at both the high school and college levels. Alanna was an active member of the St. Lawrence University women’s lacrosse team. She served as the captain of the team during the spring 2008 season, and was proud to break school records in assists and points per season.

Alanna as a coach

Alanna’s first coaching job was with the Junior Varsity girl’s lacrosse team at Burlington High School in Burlington, Vermont. The position allowed Alanna to help girls ages 14 to 18 to improve their lacrosse skills. She formed a strong bond with her players, and found that her position as a coach allowed her to gain a stronger understanding of communication and organizational skills. These abilities serve her well in her current job as the Assistant Women’s Lacrosse coach at Wheaton College.

As an NCAA certified coach, Alanna focuses on the strategy and knowledge required to find success in competition. For Alanna Waters, lacrosseis based on an understanding of offensive tactics. She emphasizes this point with her team, and helps them to build their offensive capabilities. For six weeks during the fall and three months throughout the spring, Alanna spends time creating a solid foundation of fundamental skills to ensure that her players have the ability to win on the collegiate level.

But for Alanna Waters, lacrosseis about more than just winning games. It’s about building relationships with teammates and developing as a person. She helps to encourage this in her players by serving as an advisor to the team’s freshmen athletes. She helps to make the transition from high school to college easier for these young women, and works with them to find a balance in their life as both a student and an athlete. The start of college is often a tumultuous time for freshmen, as they’re trying to get used to living away from home and making new friends. This process is even more difficult for those who must manage a rigorous athletic schedule in addition to challenging academics and a new social life. Alanna helps to provide guidance based on her own experience as a college player.

Alanna takes her role as a coach seriously, and continuously obtains more knowledge that allows her to educate her players more thoroughly. She recently completed the NFHS Fundamentals of Coaching Girls’ Lacrosse course, which allows her to more effectively work with young players. Alanna also takes safety seriously, and hopes to protect her players from serious injury as they compete. To help make this possible, she finished the “First Aid for Coaches” course, and also attended a seminar about concussions in sports. With this information, she is better able to preserve the health and wellness of her team.

Alanna Waters, lacrosse coach and mentor

Alanna has the natural ability to serve as a role model for young people. She enjoys connecting with them and providing guidance. In fact, she was an active participant in a child-mentoring program, where she worked as a mentor for at-risk youth. During her time with the program, she was able to foster meaningful relationships with both a 14-year-old girl and a 15-year-old girl. She helped to teach these young women about positive behaviors and life skills. Alanna has also worked as a caretaker for young children. She held two different jobs in this field while in Colorado. As a caretaker, she was responsible for ensuring the safety of these young children. She also planned age appropriate activities to help the kids learn and play while they were in her care.

Alanna Waters has spent time as a development assistant and certified crisis advocate at Bright Future Foundation in Avon, Colorado. For 40 hours a week, she learned how to aid victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. She frequently staffed the 24-hour crisis hotline, and spent time writing grants to help earn the foundation the funding needed to continue thriving.

To continue her experiences in mentoring and working with children, Alanna took on a counseling internship at Hunt Middle School in Vermont. Throughout the course of her internship, she was able to work one-on-one with children who have autism and emotional behavioral disorders. She also participated in the Refugee Resettlement Program, where she assisted refugee students who were transitioning into the Vermont public education system. She aided them on both an academic and emotional level, and was an integral part of making these students feel comfortable in their new surroundings.

Alanna Waters: Lacrosse Player and Accomplished Artist

For Alanna Waters, lacrosse and working with children are just some of the many ways she enjoys spending her time. She is also passionate about art, and produces two or more original works of art per week. For more than 10 years, Alanna has used acrylic paint to create eye-catching and unique works that routinely sell to dedicated clients. Many of these individuals commission her to produce art for their homes and offices. Alanna has shown both her abstract and realistic pieces at exhibits in Boulder, Colorado.

Much of her education came from taking an internship with New York City-based artist Sandy Garnett. Also a St. Lawrence University graduate, Sandy helped instruct Alanna on various design and photography computer programs. As an intern under Sandy, Alanna helped him create various paintings and projects; she also worked with him to generate new ideas for his creations.

Alanna’s philanthropy work

Alanna Waters is invested in her community and values giving back to those in need. When she’s not painting or coaching, she enjoys spending time at Rosie’s Place. This charitable organization serves poor and homeless women in the Boston area. The group offers groceries, laundry services, and a place to stay for those in need. Alanna is a part of the Women’s Education program at the center; she teaches literacy classes to guests of Rosie’s Place. This program gives 240 women the ability to bolster their abilities as they increase their self-sufficiency. Rosie’s Place offers free ESL classes, literacy tutoring, and GED preparation courses to those who need it the most.

To Alanna Waters, lacrosse  is a way to exercise, relieve stress, and form lifelong connections with like-minded individuals. For Alanna waters, lacrosse coaching has provided an opportunity to continue to fill a mentor role for young women.

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